I hope Father Christmas left you an umbrella and some wellies under the tree as it’s going to be a cold and wet run into the New Year… stay warm peeps and enjoy the weather…!
I am still without the WiFi in my recently moved new house (see details here) and just for that here are 2 of my favourite and super quick recipes reminder complimentary to this weather and the relaxing holiday mode!

(Just click on the photos below to get to the printable or recipes.)

THE HEALING, CLEAR CHICKEN BROTH! (Yakhni)…Oh, my…So delicious, easy to cook, healthy and comforting in this weather.

PINDI PULAO (RICE AND CHICKEN CASSEROLE) Since you are half way there by making the broth why not use the leftovers to make this yummy Pulao! A family favourite of mine, scrumptious and a satisfying dinner!

Hope this will inspire you to cook, my friends!





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