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Welcome to my cosy art corner!! Loads of colours everywhere and as the saying goes Colours can mesmerise you, your mood and thoughts. They have the ability to energize, soothe and bring about a sense of calmness in you…so with that thought in mind…I am going to share my latest art act!

If you haven’t seen my love affair with art yet, please see here.
I made this shadow box art for my gorgeous new 1 month old squidgy, cuddly niece, Sofia!!! By taking an inspiration from my daughter’s Red Riding Hood night time story book.
I consider myself a newbie when it comes to working with Felt and in spite of my clumsiness in sewing, I love the look and feel of it – there is something magical about it and since I was on trail of creating a fairytale on the canvas here, I have improvised the Xcut large Fox die to cut “Mr Wolf ” instead, with my Sizzix big shot! And used a part of the same die to cut the beautiful Felt mushrooms too.
While I used picket fence die for the fence and cloud die for the clouds, as obvious. I had to improvise the sun’s 3D effect by using a small circle and a thinlit mini flower die.
Tree and all the other items to complete the scene are free hand cuts!

Now the star of the show the “Red Riding Hood” is a free hand cut with Felt and stuffed with soft polyester stuffing materials. This was easy to make and very therapeutic! Then I dressed her in to the famous red hood and cape!

My favourite part was setting up the scene after all this preparation!! I used pastel colours Felt sheet as my background and attached all the characters to it by using a hot glue gun.
This is not a tutorial as such, this is just a brief preview to give you an idea of how it’s done! So if there is anything in my post above that you may have a question or two about then I am more than happy to answer. Just leave me a comment below or email me!

This can be a beautiful addition to the nursery walls.
So this is me sharing my love with my niece and now to all of you. Hope you like it.

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6 thoughts on “Shadow box

  1. Beautiful and must be heart touching for your niece. 👶👶👗🍼
    Very creative and full of colours.
    Well done, keep up the good work👌👌👏👏

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. These are so pretty and creative.

    1. Thanks Babara! ☺️❤️

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