A day in our life captured through the lens.

Hello everyone, How was your week and the weekend?

It’s felt like a pretty low key week for us, with work particularly busy for Mr Q and a bit for myself.

We were still running errands at the weekend….and also took the little one to her favourite fun activity of all, the “Mini AthletesΒ “session on Saturday morning, a “Junior Swim” lesson on Sunday morning and to the rides at the village park, super parents or what? 😜

Once the swim class started we sat down in the seating area overlooking the pool..It was great to take a few moments off and do nothing….except appreciating her, learning to swim! Along with all the waving and thumbs up moments from both sides πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌ…. it was actually very therapeutic and satisfying to watch a preschooler learning new skills and as the saying goes, while we trying to teach our kids life skills our children teach us what life is all about!.

Today’s lesson was to take it easy sometimes without feeling guilty and enjoy the moment!

After that we managed to squeeze in 2 long overdue appointments with the bank, some shopping and an early dinner at our favourite Turkish restaurant as well!

Here are a few of our weekend’s moments captured below…



The sun shows up just out of the blue along with some clouds….it would have been rude, not to spend as much time outside as possible. As you can see Ayzah (pron:I-zah) made the most of it with a huge grin on her face!



Collecting Daisies and dandelions along the way! I am sure my mum and mother in law will be delighted – finally it is possible, one of their grand kids has developed an interest in gardening!



It’s lovely watching her running back and forth with excitement, enjoying every ride at the local park.



Something so calming and peaceful about this part of Cambridge.


And then some retail therapy for the grownups!








Tesla was drawing some attention at the Grade Arcade! 😍



Only our rumbling tummies persuaded us to move away😜



Beautiful food and service at our local Turkish “Merhaba Turkish Cuisine”



So here is a little peak in to our life! Enjoy

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10 thoughts on “A day in our life captured through the lens.

  1. Ah! Another busy week and another busy weekend… life after certain point and kids just seems non stop! The carefree life of childhood seems so distant yet so close. Watching our kids before us is a gentle reminder of yes! I was just like this…

    All the pictures of food is making me hungry as I recover from my surgery in my bed and in my room… lose of taste bud means can do with something really yummy and spicy!

    1. So true! Feels like another time zone though. Hope you feel better soon Hun. Warm hugs your way. 😘

  2. Thank you for sharing ur day and activities.

    1. Aww thanks for the visit and feedback! 😍

  3. Looks like you had a love day out. Thanks for sharing. Will try the Turkish restaurant once in Cambridge.

    1. Thanks for the visit and feedback! Good food, you will enjoy it.

  4. Beautiful day, made more beautiful by the happiness and playful nature of your daughter. Some amazing pictures you have taken especially the one over the bridge looks as if it’s a pro’s work. The therapy for grownups is nice and i love the Turkish food. I should definitely visit this place and try the same.

    A beautiful day shared to us.

    Thank you

    1. Aww I am glad you enjoyed the most and pics! Appreciate the feedback 😊

  5. Day being spent amazingly, lots of activities.
    Little one looks happy.

    1. Thanks Maarij for taking the time out to visit my blog!! Much appreciated 😊

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