Our Life in Sweden! 

Travelling is so magical, isn’t it, but moving to a new country to start a new life is a massive decision, one that requires a lot of thought, it could be for work or a new adventure but for me it was for love…! As Mr Q needed to move to “Stockholm, Sweden with his work.

What I discovered when I first arrived at Stockholm was almost what I expected and more….. and apart from few adaptations, it was a pretty straight forward transition.

It’s a beautiful place to live actually. The quality of life is very high. Public transport is also excellent and child friendly. The houses are well built and tastefully decorated with a sense of minimalism. Swedes overall are very sophisticated and health conscious with a immense sense of family focus.

Here are few of my favourite clicks of Stockholm.

A view of Dalagatan, Stockholm.

Church near our flat on Dalagatan.

Our home for couple of years on Döbelnsgatan, Stockholm.


At a museum, with Mr Q.


Frozen Lake in Sigtuna.

Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city which spread across 5/6 main islands and sits in the heart of a fantastic archipelago of thousands of islands, each with its own character. A city with a truly unique location and composition!

The main islands that make Stockholm include:
* Gamla Stan (the Old Town)
* Södermalm
* Norrmalm
* Kungsholmen
* Djurgården

All in all beautiful Stockholm has got a special spot in our hearts as we were a newlywed couple there and were starting off sharing our life stories, visions, goals and jokes with one another and our move to Stockholm made our love story all memorable for us..Not to mention our little one’s arrival amidst one of the biggest snow storms in Sweden. She was born in the dedicated care of existing hospital that Mr Q was contributing to build into a bigger, newer and more advanced version. One of the biggest health care project in Europe., Nya Karolinska Solna hospital.

We enjoyed a fair amount of the local welcome as British expats and explored our way through the daily Swedish life, which included trips to the local parks, libraries, museums, galleries, fun fairs, boat trips, traditional events, local farmer’s markets, ski trips, shops, restaurants and supermarkets.

That’s one of the most charming things about Stockholm, it allows you to explore. So if you have tried all the above mentioned options and still looking for an activity, then you can drive down to nearby remote villages for a day-out, for inspiring tranquillity, striking natural scenery, history and culture.

This is one of the chapters from our “Book of memories” shared with you all today!! Hope you enjoyed it.


Ps: Will be sharing Swedish pancakes (Pannkakor) recipe with you all soon.






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6 thoughts on “Our Life in Sweden! 

  1. Lovely place Stockholm, nicely depicted in your article. Love the pics.

    1. love the feedback, this is the best part of writing a blog and interacting with people. Thank you very much.

  2. You Wrote It So Nice that It Makes Me Want To Visit The Place. Pictures Are Beautiful.

    1. Thanks dear Katarina! I am glad you liked it, great feedback always.

  3. Aww thAT IS A VERy nice and inspirational memory you have shared. first of all, i love the pictures ESPECIALLY the lake one with sitting arrangements. the blog does give a sense of calm and peaceful life in stockholm. i can certainly sense friendliness and ACCEPTANCE in the culture and since it is a socialist country i would have expected it to be like that and you have just stamped it through your blog that it is the case. I would love to spend time as well exploring these island and the villages, they seem fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing with us a page from your beautiful memories. i am sure that it will last decades and will keep bringing smile and happiness every time.

    1. Hi Teba! Thank you so much for such a thorough feedback and your visit to my blog! Lucky me, I just managed to restore this msg as went in to spam for some reason! 😊

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