Mr Q and I both got a little tired of the fast paced city life and were longing to settle down for good somewhere a little bit more green and organic!

Our new home is in one of the beautiful villages on the outskirts of Cambridge city, near a nature reserve and a conservation area, while the city centre is just about 8 miles away…  Best of both worlds! 😍

And today is the day we are moving into our new home, so this post is going to be short and sweet with the clicks of our new home and the area to share with you all.

God help us as we are thrilled and anxious in equal measures about making this house our home.

I hope you’ll tag along for the ride! 😍




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4 thoughts on “GLAD TO BE HOME!

  1. Congratulations, just in time for Christmas

    1. Thanks! We are looking forward for first Christmas in our new house 🏠 🎄 🎅!!!

  2. Very pictureSque house and surroundings. Congrats both. Hope to visit soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Tabrez. Anytime! 😊

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